• Keith Lee

    "I really like their story and I really like what they stand for. So I bought all of my boxes through them. God is amazing."

  • Bobby Solez

    "These are the best sneaker boxes on the market. Not only can you open them from the front, but from the side, too."

  • Leroy Ogungbeje

    "These are the sneaker boxes that I'll be using moving forward. The highest of quality and they open up on the front and back."

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Build & Create

This storage solution is a modular creation that provides confidence as a standalone piece or one of many. Stack multiple boxes in different designs and in various spaces.

Premium Quality

Made with Polyethylene Terephthalate, the Better Box has a high strength to weight ratio, is shatterproof, boasts low moisture absorption and can even be recycled. Store your items without the worry of your boxes deteriorating.

Easy Access

Unlike most drop front shoe boxes, you can easily access your items in a variety of different areas with the option of dual magnetic openings on the side and front. The Better Box effortlessly conforms to the unique space of each individual.